My goal is to help you, your child, family and community live a healthy and productive life. This requires what I coin a "sandwich approach"- managing health conditions through direct patient care, and ensuring that our laws and policies have pediatric, health and environmental considerations.

There are so many environmental contributors to the acute and chronic disease process which have already devastated lives, disrupted communities and destroyed the value of our property and land. We already have the proof. Our current protections are inadequate. Therefore, raising awareness, screening, monitoring and taking action through civic engagement are the most crucial components in preventive health.

We have the responsibility to do our due diligence and hold businesses, industries, governments, health professionals and most of all, ourselves accountable. Let's also protect our whistleblowers and others on the front line. Change is coming, so stay positive, optimistic, hopeful and joyous so that we can purify our ecosystem together!

Live, laugh, learn and love always


Root Cause Analysis


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