As a humanitarian, first and foremost, my goal is to help you, your child, family and community live a healthy and productive life of the highest quality. I want you to have access to fresh air, clean water, nutritious foods and safe products. I’m here to help improve your state of wellness, so that you can achieve the life you are destined to live and live to your fullest potential.

As a pediatrician, I provide compassionate care, serving the medical needs of childrenin the traditional office, hospital and home-based settings. However, today’s children face far more threats than previous generations, since many illnesses now stem from exposures to hidden pollutants emanating from a multitude of sources, andon a routine basis. Let’s face it, our ecology is changing and these pollutantsare to be taken very seriously because of their ability to disrupt our health, educational achievement, work productivity and finances, and devalue our land and property.

The good news is that we can collectively make a difference through preventive health and environmental control. Identifying the root cause of illnesses and eliminating pollutants from their source requires a multimodal approach, and taking full advantage of partnerships and collaborations. I engage with policymakers toinfluence our laws and public policies so that they have pediatric, health and environmental considerations.I promote safe and responsible business practices, and work with families, professionals and the public to raise awareness, provide information, tools and resources that will empower them to take action. It is our responsibility to hold all stakeholders, especially ourselves, accountable. Let’s also protect those who maintain the integrity of our systems (whistleblowers) and who are on the front line, because this work is not easy. Change is coming, so let’s embrace it and stay positive and proactive, so that we can purify our ecosystem together and protect the children, all life forms and the land!

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Root Cause Analysis


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